Thursday, September 29, 2011

Follow Friday Number I Can't Remember


It's that time of week again!

Q. What book that hasn't been turned into a movie (yet) would you most like to see make it to the big screen, and who would you like cast as your favorite character?

Oh this is a hard one. I really enjoy the translation from book to movie as I think stories often lend themselves to several mediums. That's also why I'd rather a story stray from what happens in a book when adapted as long as the changes build a better film. A film should be a good film before fretting being a good adaptation. Sometimes it works out like with The Virgin Suicides and No Country for Old Men and Winter's Bone. Other times not so much as in that Foxfire mess from the 90s. I hear they're remaking it now so here's to hoping they'll do right this time around.

I'd love to see Blood Meridian become a film,  but I don't know if there's enough corn syrup in all of Hollywood to meet the book's bloodshed. I'd love to see Looking for Alaska hit the big screen. I think Elle Fanning would be great in a Lolita adaptation. 

So lemme know what you think. What adaptations work and what ones don't?

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P.S.: Upcoming adaptation that looks like it gonna rawk:


  1. Hopping through. Re the trailer...I'm so excited about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie. I want to see it. I should watch the Swedish versions too.
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  2. I'm not quite sure. I'm not into movies much. I'm usually disappointed when my favorite books are turned into movies. I know they can't fit everything in but I can't help it.

  3. New follower!

    Elle Fanning would be great as Lolita :)

    Here's mine:

  4. I still need to see the Swedish versions too, Alison. AND READ THE THIRD BOOK!

    That's understandable, Alexis. I get picky too. Especially with the Harry Potter adaptations.

    Thanks, Library Snake!