Friday, September 16, 2011

The Revenge of Follow Friday

Hey Loves,

Missed a few weeks. BUT I'M BACK.

What imaginary book world would you like to make a reality?

Can I be a total cliche? You know what's coming. Yeah, I don't even have to say it. I kinda feel stupid for saying it, because I'm sure so many are going to say it. Harry Potter Verse would be a nice place to exist, alright? Owls, magic, a school that teaches you defense against the dark arts instead of geometry? That's swell and a half. I haven't really read a whole lot of other books that take place in fantastical worlds, so I'm just going to be that guy. I mean what else am I going to say? I wish I lived on the scalp strew deserts of Blood Meridian? No.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with answering Harry Potter! Who wouldn't want to visit that world! :)

  2. Only literary snobs, Jennifer. Thanks for the follow!

  3. I think HP is a good answer. There are a lot of cool things that happen that would be amazing to experience in that world. Happy Friday!
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    Cana Elene

  4. I totally agree and said the same thing!! ;)

    Great blog, I'm now following you :]
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  5. Thanks for the follow, Cary! I guessed it'd be a popular answer.

  6. So many potters but I would agree it would be a rather interesting world to be apart of in one way or another.

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