Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being Responsible Only Not (Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter)


I have earned a decent amount of $$$ this past summer. I plan to spend it on school books and loans and paying for various fees I accumulated for being boisterous a trip to Toronto with two of my girls! Isn't that exciting? Three nights in a city where the drinking age is 19. We're taking a megabus there and staying in a hostel.

Now listen, I saw those movies. Those Hostel movies. They were pretty sub-par, but that kinda thing could really go down. So I'm going to pack a chainsaw or something. Just to be safe.

Anyway, I guess my time at KFC and stuffing fliers into doors really was worth it. Who knows how I'll ever pay for school and who cares? Well, I do, but not right now. I actually should have enough for the trip and for fall semester books so I'm not being too willy-nilly.


Also, the new last Harry Potter flick comes out Friday, but I'll be seeing it on $5 Tuesday. I'm wary. This is the end of an era. As if I need another reminder that I am no longer a child...

So I have been watching all the other movies in preparation. I read the books way back when and while I was enchanted and mystified and found a home away from home blah blah blah, I was mostly annoyed with her uses of telling and not showing. Still love em, still have em lined up on my shelf in hardcover, but I'm not all Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets to Rowling's Tom Riddle.

So I watched the first two so far. The best part was in the second one when Ginny asked Mrs. Weasley where her jumper was and Mrs. Weasly said she saw it on the cat. I laughed for like five minutes.

Not that huge a fan of the first two flicks. They're fine adaptations, but as films they tend to drag. I love Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix, which are quite the opposite. Lousy adaptations, but well made films. I'll take the latter over the former as I always feel film and book are vastly different mediums and should never try and emulate the other, but take the same story and represent it in a way that works best for itself. Men with baby heads is a startling image on page, but would be silly on film.

So what do you think of Toronto? Favorite Harry Potter book/movie? Least? Let me know! I have to say my favorite book is probably Half-Blood Prince. Love all the Voldey back story. Deathly Hallows was great too due to all the epic. And Order of the Phoenix would be up there as well if Harry hadn't been so ragin' on hormones, testosterone, and teenage angst. I don't remember being that angry when I started to like girls. Well, that never really happened, but well whatever.

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  1. Harry Potter (the books) have changed my life. I love the movies for sheer entertainment, and I think I'll be lost without knowing there's always a new one to look forward to :/

  2. My plan is to not watch them again for at least ten years. By then a layer of mist will have settled over my recollection and revisiting the series will reek of nostalgia, which is magical within itself.

    As for the books, I am constantly reading new material and very rarely re-read anything, but I see myself making an exception some time in the future.

  3. I love the Order of the Phoenix as a book, but I know what you mean about the angst. What I love about it is the fact that Harry realizes what he really is in for. In the four books before that there is a pattern of problems where we eventually learn it has to do with You-Know-Who and blah blah blah and then Harry faces him, wins, ends up in the hospital wing and there is a happy ending to the school year.
    But, finally, the Order of the Phoenix really breaks that when we find out that there is a connection between Harry and Voldemort and that there is much more going on. We get the prophecy and learn that "neither can live while the other survives" and that something really bug is going to go down. I just love that. And I love and hate the scene where Sirius dies. It's tragic but beautiful at the same time.

    My favorite movie was this last one though, but I won't say too much because you're waiting to see it :)

  4. Order of the Phoenix was an addictive, stressful read. I think I blasted through that one the fastest even though it was the longest. I loved, as you said, how serious everything became. The showdown at the ministry of magic was one of my favorite parts of the entire series.

    I'm so apprehensive about seeing the last one. A new Harry Potter just seems like routine. I can't believe that everything has come to a close.