Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friendly Book Post After Sassy Casey Anthony Post


Just found a new way to snatch some more loves. Is it weird that I call you that? Are you creeped? Is this why you don't comment? I could say "Like You Like a Friends," but it's just not the same. I'm not really in love with you. I will not sneak up in your hedges and peer in your windows. I will not snatch your child and blame it on my nanny. I don't have one, but since when does that matter?

Today I am participating in Teen Fiction Centre's Weekly Book Blog Bonanza. Almost like a Book Blog Banana, but with less potassium. Clicky:

This week's question: "Who is your favourite book character and why?"
English American translation: Who is your favorite book character and why?"

This question is not happening. Sorry. I like too many. So you're all going to have to deal with hearing a few of my favourites favorites.

Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye
I really do like Holden and have never understood the idea that he is some vain narcissistic pessimist. The guy wants to save children from losing their innocence for crying out loud! I really jelled with his voice. It was all relative, I could hear myself. I admire his desperation to keep from going from the rye, to keep frank and honest and to restrain from that type of bloated affection we associate with sincerity. He's a crazy kid, but I love him.

Lolita from Lolita
What a girl. There is something so intriguing about loving Lolita, because I feel like I shouldn't. She's a vapid, slutty tween that uses feigned innocence to manipulate her way to success. She's what Holden wants to keep children from becoming. Still, I can't help but be fascinated by her ability to pull this off. She's just a girl. The "success" she manipulates her way to is found in candy, records, and new clothes. She's a figure of purity strewn through the gutter and I can't help but eat away at any description of her. Her acid sass made me laugh  out loud.

Rosasharn from The Grapes of Wrath
I can't talk too much about Rosasharn as her becoming mirrors the entire point of John Steinbeck's classic. I will say this: she is one of, if not the best, transitional character to ever be put to print. Her metamorphosis is contagious; it encourages readers to find change within themselves.

Neil McCormick and Brian Lackey from Mysterious Skin
There were times during the book where I didn't really care for Neil all that much. He's reckless, conceited, and blind to everything whooshing around him. Ultimately, these are the same reasons why I like him so much. Neil is a superb cause and effect character. Brain works great with Neil and vice versa. Their polar opposite reactions turned the book into nicotine. The interwoven narrative makes experiencing Neil and Brian a constant compare and contrast. When it comes down to it, I just wanted to hug them both.

Owen Meany from A Prayer for Owen Meany
I love Owen, because I'm a sap. He's a dwarfish, shriveled boy who has every reason to hate the world, but instead he declares himself an instrument of God.

There's many more. But I want popcorn.

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  1. Great post Nick, and some interesting character choices. I love your writing style!

    Have you ever considered doing any guest posts / reviews?

    Jake, Teen Fiction Centre

  2. Thanks, Jake! I'm open to anything really.

  3. Okay great, would you consider doing a guest post about something to do with Teen / YA fiction? Or perhaps a review?

  4. Sure! I'd love to. Any particular subject you're interested in or books you'd like me to take a look at?

  5. Nope, it's completely up to you! Although, it is a Teen blog, so try and keep it PG13! (That's how you Americans rate films right? hehe!) Hit me on my email with whatever you come up with.

    Jake, Teen Fiction Centre

  6. Alrighty, I wrote something and sent it your way!

  7. Thanks a lot!

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