Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back To The Real World of Fiction


Toronto was fab. Days were spent hounding the streets and shopping and getting hit by waves of exhausted silence only to stop for a Blue Lagoon or Pale Ale or Beached which sent us into a type of delirium that resulted in us imagining Great Danes dressed up as one another. We're strange. At night we drank orient apple Absolut Vodka in the hostel and made ourselves pretty. A man from Austria asked me if I was Persian and I felt like the classiest guy. Then we headed out and club hopped, bar hopped, hopped out of our fancy ouchy shoes.

I miss it already.

But I have this distraction in that the manuscript I've been working on for however long is coming to a close. The first draft. I think I know what I want to call it, but for now it will stay "manuscript." I don't think unpublished authors should be allowed to call works in progress "novels" or "books," because chances are they aren't. Novels and books are things that have struggled through query letter hell and submission hell and agent revision and editor revision and galleys and ARCs and finally ended up on a shelf, in a Kindle. Maybe this manuscript will make it to that. I have hopes for her, but before any of that comes REVISIONS. Writing is rewriting. Editing and chopping and copy/pasting.

Right now they're killing each other to this:

Now I know I have a few writers following me from cowledge (which I return to this week which means homework is going to try and interrupt the revising of manuscript especially because I'm in two 300 level classes and a 400, but I will prevail. Somehow), but what about the rest of you? Any writers? What do you write? What's your writing habits?

Thanks for reading AND WRITING,


  1. You have a fabulous blog! I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give to fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you the Brilliant Writer Blog Award. There are no pass along requirements. This is just to reward you for all the hard work you do!

    Go to and pick up your award.

  2. Oh, Deirdra! I'm so glad you like the blog! Thanks for the honor!