Friday, August 5, 2011

Flock at Me


Another follow Friday! I love these things! They get people talking about books and they tick up those numbers. I know, I know, I know it shouldn't be about the numbers, but come on... we all love how our tummies get squishy whenever we gain one more follower.

Today's Question:

Q. Talk about the book that most changed or influenced your life (was it a book that turned you from an average to avid reader, did it help you deal with a particularly difficult situation, does it bring you comfort every time you read it?).

Today's Answer:

Invisible Monsters was a book that really sparked something in me as a reader, but more importantly, as a writer. It showed me that the unconventional can be embraced. Agents always say that you should never write for a trend and that you must write what you want to write, but this seems almost too good to be true considering markets and demographics and all the risks that goes into the manuscript to bound novel metamorphosis.

For those of you who haven't read it, the story surrounds the rehabilitation of an ex-model who has had half her face blasted off. To go from a life so rooted in pleasing the world with ascetics and to have that inverted made the novel such a compelling and poignant read.

Invisible Monsters stresses that it is okay to be bizarre, outlandish, freaky, and most of all, yourself. 

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